DCON 12 Sound Solutions Audio 12" 400W DCON Series Subwoofer

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  1. Best bang for the buck

    Posted by Bobbo on 2nd Nov 2016

    One 12 in a 2 cubic foot ported enclosure powered by a old school aura force 340a two channel amp bridged and the output was WAY more than expected and the sound is crystal clear.

  2. Rockford 225.2 running 2 ohm....bumps!

    Posted by Ross First on 7th Jun 2014

    This sub is amazing the excursion is very impressive and the sound is great. Sending 600+ watts from rockford 225.2 bridged at 2 ohms in my custom Jon boat with 90 watts to my 6x9's and its sweet! Buy american made products and get the true RMS wattage. I couldn't be happier, shipping took a bit but well worth the wait. SSA, you built a beast for the price!!!!

  3. Like wow

    Posted by Zach on 5th Mar 2014

    Ok so I got this this sub a year ago and I didn't want to write a review till the sub can last a year and still pound with me running it lol

    Well it's been a year and this thing pounds
    Like I got it yesterday lol but more importantly sound amazing
    Crips clean bass
    Hits highs very nicely not harsh
    Hits lows very deep with complete control

    I have one 12" in a small ported box and people think I have 2 or one 15"
    There always amazed by how crips and clean the bass is oh yeah and loud!!!

    When I tell people that its only one 12 and I'm only running about 200rms they think Im joking until I show them lol

    I gave my kicker cvr away after I got this it didn't even come close to this sub

  4. dcon can pound!!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Dec 2012

    I have the dcon s4 hooked to a RF500-1bd. It flexes my car. I have it in a pro bass box ,and it hits if I were to have 2 12s.I would recommend this to anyone who wants to impress there friends.

  5. blows away competition

    Posted by Mark on 17th Dec 2012

    I replaced a perfectly working get mtx 12 with this Dcon sub and wow what a difference. The range of frequency of this woofer is amazing. I have an original US Amp 150 at 1 ohm pushing a good solid clean 350 watts to this woofer and I swear its moving more than 2 inches. There is no muddy sound coming get from this, just good clean bass. grab one of these and be prepared to have your mind blown.
    P.S. put that made in China junk away and get some made in the USA Woopers!

  6. Impressed

    Posted by JR on 26th Oct 2012

    great sub! was a little disappionted at first, it had very bad tinsel slap (felt was coming off on underside) but i fixed it. this thing gets decently loud and sounds clean... i have it installed in my semi truck.... way more than i need! but sounds nice and clear (for being almost right next to my head. Only downside is that i wish it would hit the lows better..... overall excellent sub for a killer price!!

  7. Wow

    Posted by Austin K on 25th Oct 2012

    I've only had the sub for a week and am still breaking it in but it has already exceeded my expectations. I'm only putting 250 watts RMS to it and you can really feel it in your chest. I've got it in a 2 cubic foot ported box I got off eBay for 100. Not only does it get decently loud, but also sounds clean as a whistle. Doesn't seem to have any troubles picking up every note in quick drum rolls and the like. If this subwoofer can take the beating that I'm going to give it with all the rap and hip hop I listen to then I would recommend it to everyone and will continue to buy SSA products. Thanks !

  8. Awesome Sealed Sub

    Posted by bluecivic on 24th Sep 2012

    I installed my DCON 12 today in 1.2 cubed sealed box powered by 400rms amp. It greatly surpassed my expectations for sq and loudness. I was listening to " bulls on parade" from r.a.t.m and the woofer was able to keep pace with the quick drum bass and sounded excellent doing so. I then proceeded to play some rap and pop and I was still equally impressed with the subs performance in those genres. For those who don't have the space for a ported box,you will be more than pleased with the sound from sealed. And for comparison purposes, I also tested out jl 12w1 and apline 12d2 at 400 rms in their recommended sealed enclosure size and the dcon 12 outperformed both of them. This is my first ssa sub but it won't be my last.

  9. Good Sub

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Sep 2012

    I have the 12 inch DCON sub and I am really happy I got this one. I used the box that was recommended by SSA and I only have a 200 watt 4 ohms hooked up to it. That gets my car bumping. You will feel the lows and highs on the bass. Only downfall which it does state on the site is that it will take 21 business days to get you. I received my about 27 days after I purchased it.

  10. Better than expected!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2012

    This was my first SSA product and I am very proud to have chosen this sub instead of the many other brands out there. At 250watt rms this thing has everything from price, performance, and quality. Would recomend to others

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DCON 12 Sound Solutions Audio 12" 400W DCON Series Subwoofer
20.00 LBS
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Product Description

New for 2014, Shallow Mount SSA Dcon.

For those audiophiles wanting a little more output, we have the SSA Dcon 12S2/S4. In maintaining the same top notch sound quality performance of the Dcon 10D4/S4, the Dcon 12D4/S4 moves up to a larger cone. As with the entire Dcon line up, the Dcon 12D4/S4 works very well in small to medium sealed enclosures, but for those who want to really surprise, these are an excellent small ported enclosure driver. This level of sound quality, output, craftsmanship, durability, and top quality parts is unmatched in this market segment.


Coil(s) 2" wide, 4 layer, copper coils
Terminals Push terminals
Cone Pulp Fiber Cone
Suspension Dual NOMEX spiders
Motor FEA optimized motor
Former 2" Anodized alum. former
Lead Wires Heavy Duty Lead wires
Hand Crafted in USA
Fs 28.1hz
Re 7.8
Qms 4.09
Qes .35
Qts .33
Mms 121g
Xmax 16mm
Vas 37.8
Sd 480 cm^2
BL 21.7
SPL 89.1 1W/1m
Wattage 300wRMS
Displacement 0.14ft^3

Enclosure Recommendations

10" DCON S4/D4 12" DCON S4/D4 15" DCON S4/D4
Sealed .75 cu.ft. .90 cu.ft. 2.0-3.0ft^3
Sealed Optimal .90 cu.ft. 1.20 cu.ft. 3.25-4.0ft^3
Ported 1.00 cu.ft. @ 28-33 hz 1.75 cu.ft. @ 28-33 hz 3.0-4.0ft^3 @ 28-33hz
Ported Optimal 1.25 cu.ft. @ 28-33hz 2.25 cu.ft. @ 28-33hz 4.0-5.0ft^3 @ 28-33hz
Sub Outside Diameter 11.000" 12.500" 15.625"
Cut Inside Diameter 9.250" 11.150" 14.125"
Mounting depth 6.000" 6.500" 8.500"

Pre-Designed Enclosures

For full size drawings and a Google SketchUp version of these enclosures please feel free to click the "DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE " link below. This is just another great resource offered by Sound Solutions Audio Inc. for our dedicated SSA customers!

To view the google sketchup file will require the installation of the software. This is available here: Google SketchUp

10" DCON D4/S4 12"DCON D4/S4 15"DCON D4/S4