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  1. 3 Sundown E8v5

    Posted by BG on 19th Jan 2018

    Running 3 of the dual 2s wired in series/parallel for a 1.3 ohm load to a Rockford Prime 750.1. An educated guess would be roughly 200 per sub at this impedance.The vehicle is an 04 CRV,enclosure is .5 net per sub,plus port,so it takes up roughly 3 cf...These things are deceiving to say the least,they play lower than any $100 sub has a right to,and actually sound decent in doing so.Good kick drums on rock,and they can make the wipers move on rap or dubstep...They really do sound like a good pair of ported 10s,possibly even 12s..I am really starting to think the 3 will soak up 1200 clean watts with zero issues,ever...Great product,my only complaint is that my wife wouldnt let me run 6 of them....

  2. Really nice.

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2017

    Surpisingly deep. Sounds high qualitu. Better than my kicker 12...for sure. I have two of these and theyre great.

Sundown Audio
20.00 LBS
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Product Description

The E series woofer was designed to eliminate our typical frustrations with entry level woofers; low thermal capacity, limited mechanical capacity and durability, and low motor force. The E series woofer utilize a high quality 2" copper voice coil wound on black aluminum anodized voice coil nearly 1/2" longer than the previous generation E series for increased thermal capacity and linear excursion. The coil is then mated to a large diameter, high quality Nomex spider on all three sizes fully equipped with round tied down tinsel lead wires to ensure the utmost levels of durability and mechanical silence. 

Of course this is Sundown Audio so we didn't stop there -- not even with our least expensive woofer! The thermal capacity of the coil is also further enhanced by a chamfered and extended solid pole piece and direct voice coil gap ventilation -- features almost never found on an entry level woofer. The E line also features a large double stacked magnet structure for high motor force and mechanical clearance as well as robust back and top plates to channel the magnetic energy to the gap. 

Specifications E8 v.4 D2 E8 v.4 D4
RE (ohms) 3.6 5.8
FS (Hz) 46.6hz 48.40hz
Vas (L) 6.102 6.740
Qes 0.373 0.575
Qms 3.711 5.513
Qts 0.339 0.520
BL (NA) 17.160 16.395
Mms (Grams) 104.053 87.564
Cms (uM/N) 111.773 123.470
Sens (1w/1m) 84.1dB 83.1dB