Sundown Audio SA-12 750W SA Series

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  1. Sundown Sa-12

    Posted by Louis on 22nd Jun 2016

    This sub hits hard and sounds clean. I have it wired at 2 ohms pushing 800 watts RMS in a 2.0 cubic foot ported box. Very satisfied. Thank you SSA for the great price and fast shipping. Also great communication.

  2. Wow

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2016

    I heard good things about these subs but holy shit! I just decided to take the plunge and throw one in a prefab 2.5 cu ft enclosure to see. Completely blown away! I'm only powering it with a RF 500.1D at 1/2 gain no bass boost, no nothing. I know these subs take way more power but I don't need it. 600w RMS my ass.

  3. BOOM!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2015

    This is one bad ass woofer! This thing can take 1000 watts rms no problem! Great sound quality and clarity... You won't be disappointed!

  4. Amazing subs

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jun 2015

    Bought these subs for my brothers 07 Avalanche and they sound amazing very powerful. These cracked his dash and pull out of a pro comp box I would say the speaker are under rated on watts guy at shop said they are pushing around 1000 to 1200 watts for the 600 watt subs all around great subs

  5. Bangers

    Posted by Frank on 16th Jun 2015

    I had one SA12 on a autotek mean machine 4000 wired at 2 ohms and from the moment I put it in my truck, I had it playing at full tilt and kept playing it that way for 6 months and it never messed up, my speaker wire burned before the sub messed up

  6. Amazing sub

    Posted by Michael on 11th Apr 2015

    It took about a week to get the sub delivered to Florida, but it was brand new, in perfect condition. I only have a kicker 600.1 amp running 300-600 watts on this sub and it is beating down the trunk of my 2015 mustang. I would not only recommend people to buy this sub from this company but i will most defiantly be ordering my SDA speakers from here!

  7. This shit still bangin!

    Posted by El Gran Tunaz on 10th Apr 2015

    I've had my SA 12 dual 2-ohm for almost 3 years now and this mothafucker hasn't died yet! I got it in a 1.75 cubic ft ported box tuned to 30hz like recommended and hooked up to a mb quart onyx1500.1. Its wired at 1 ohm N it takes all 1500 watts. This sub is a gret buy that's worth it and it aint even all that expensive. I recommend to everyone who wants to clown with a one sub system, to get one of these or the SA 15 version (my homeboy has a SA 15 N it fuckin slaps too).

  8. update...bad ass for sure!

    Posted by Ike on 21st Mar 2015

    Well after patiently waiting to install my sa12s for a good month or more I finally got them in and all I can say is wow...these are the truth. I am running a pair in a ram designs ported box built by a local audio shop (3.7 cubic feet tuned to 31-32 hz via A full length 6 inch parts express aero port) with a pioneer avh-x5600bhs 7 inch touch screen head unit and an saz2500 amp at 1 ohm and all I can say is wow.....these things pound so hard and sound damn good in the back of my 2003 svt focus hatch subs up port firing into the driver side wheel well. Haven't got to meter them but I'll kiss your rear end of these things are doing well over 140 db on music. They kill the lows in this box and sound killer on all music. They put my last setup to shame IMO (two Rockford p3s on a Rockford t1000-1bdcp). I've been a rf fan for life but as of now I've officially switched to sundown its hard to believe these are the lower end of their lineup even the power series rf can't hang with these (anything short of a t2 will be shamed). No knock on rf I still love their power series amps but as far as subs they can't touch sundown. I have a singer 220 amp alternator as well as an Xs power s3400 under the hood and another Xs power xp3000 for the back with all 1/0 gauge big 3 and wiring so I've got plenty of juice to feed my sundown 2500 at 1 ohm and these subs eat up all the power it can dish out and then some they really are heavily underrated. I know on paper since they are 2.5 inch coil 600 RMS subs they look to be similar to a Rockford p3 but I can assure you from first hand experience these are in a different league and for this price range I can't imagine anything being better. I am now a sundown fan for life thanks Jacob for making unreal subs at an unreal price stop thinking about it and go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy these and make sure you have at least 1000 watts of clean power to feed them if you want the full effect and don't cheap out on your electrical and especially your box and you will see for yourself....sundown audio ftw!!!!

  9. great

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2015


  10. bad ass

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2015

    I've read countless reviews myself on these sa12s and almost all were 5 stars and extremely positive. I'm still in the process of getting my head unit back from being fixed under warrenty as well as having a singer alternator made and getting a box design for the pair of sa12s I purchased from SSA (quick delivery and well packaged). So unfortunately I have not had the chance to hear them yet but my first impressions upon actually seeing them and holding them in person is that I'm very impressed with the build quality and pure awesomeness of these bad boys. Some are scared off by the whole made in china thing but I will be the first to tell you don't be because its clear upon inspecting them that build quality is high and you'd be hard pressed to find a better sub for the money. They're so sweet looking and from what I have read they sound as good as they look. They will be ran off an saz2500 at 1 ohm in the back of a 2003 svt focus hatchback subs up 6 inch aero port firing into the driver side wheel well as I've heard this is very effective in a focus hatch. They'll be in about 3.8 cubic feet tuned to 32 hz. I will check back in soon as I hear them with an in depth review on how they perform but if I'm half as impressed with the sound as I am the look and build quality its sure to be yet another 5 star review for these bad boys. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy them and make sure you have at least 1000 clean watts to throw at them to get them moving good. From what I've triad and seen they'll take it all day and then some. Love me some sundown audio!

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Sundown Audio
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Product Description

SA Series 12"


  • Dual 4-ohm Coils Available

Depth = 6.5" Cut-Out = 11 1/8"

Enclosure Suggestions: 1.75 ft^3 ported tuned to 30 Hz -- F3 of 26 Hz * Tune higher and use a smaller box for more SPL oriented setup (Use 1 - 1.5 cubes) * Enclosure can be as big as 2.25 ft^3 with lower power levels 1.00 ft^3 sealed -- F3 of 44 Hz * For SQ and space limited applications

T/S  D4: RE: 7.09 ohms (D4 in series) Fs: 28.4 Hz Qes: 0.511 Qms: 5.75 Qts: 0.469 Vas: 40.3 L BL: 25.04 NA Le: 7.7 mH Mms: 252 g BL^2 / RE: 88 750 watts RMS

** T/S Specifications measured with coils in series

T/S D2:

RE (Series): 4.33 ohms Fs: 30.3 Hz Qes: 0.519 Qms: 7.250 Qts: 0.484 Le: 4.743 mH Vas: 29.077 L BL: 22.168 NA Cms: 89.22 uM/N Mms: 308 g

    The Sundown SA series has been our most popular product line since the introduction of the SA-12 in 2009. It was the result of over a year of testing and prototyping until all of our goals and expectations were blown away. The SA series has continually evolved over the years thanks to extensive testing and feedback from our SPL competition Team and our customers but still stays true to its legendary design heritage. It has never failed to prove itself year-in and year-out in every application ranging from daily musical builds to all-out SPL competition vehicles.
    When designing the SA series we started out with an FEA optimized motor & coil design capable of 19mm of one-way Klippel verified excursion and just over 33mm of x-mech. This motor & coil setup was then mated up to an extremely robust double-layer Nomex spider with fully tied-on “XL” tinsel leads (84-Strands of Conductor), an SPL competition grade paper cone, and a strong foam surround. The motor also features a large magnet ID shorting ring (faraday ring) to reduce distortion causes by inductance & inductance variation over stroke.
    We realized that this still was not enough to meet our goal of delivering the best driver on market in this price range to our customers. To that end we designed a highly optimized voice coil cooling system that has since found its way into almost every other subwoofer we make to this day. This system allows our 2.5" coil to match and exceed the thermal performance of many competing 3" coil drivers on the market without requiring the usage of a much heavier voice coil than required for the design. The result is that the SA features the ideal mix of mass & stiffness to give you the best performance in nearly every type of enclosure.All of this hard work and engineering has led to the incredible reputation now enjoyed by the SA series worldwide. We are very proud of what these woofers are capable of and we believe that they are one of the best woofers on the market today hands down for the money.
    Features & Technology:
    • Xmax = 19mm one-way by 70% BL
    • RMS Power = 750-watts
    • * Vented magnetic gap
    • * Optimized high-velocity pole vent
    • * Innovative high-velocity vented frame spacer ring
    • Black Aluminum 2.5” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
    • High Temperature copper voice coil wire
    • Large aluminum faraday ring (Magnet ID)
    • Spring Loaded Terminals
    • Stitched-On “XL” Tinsel Leads to prevent fatigue and failure
    • High strength cast aluminum frame
    • Optimized for small ported, sealed, & band-pass enclosures
    * -- These features combine to create the optimized coil ventilation system.