Sundown Audio SD-2 12" 500 Watt SD Series

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  1. Amazing shallow sub..... Sundown for the win

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jan 2013

    I have 4 sd 12s in my crew cab chevy with the seat moved forward 3inchs I was able to build a 4 cube box ported to 32 hz on a AQ 2200d and wow.... These monsters came to life. They sound amazing an drop low even being behind my rear crew cab seat wit plenty excursion. A must have if you are strapped on space. Thinkin bout ordering 2 more an doin a console box. DANG GOOD SUBS

  2. Great buy!

    Posted by Helen Keller on 12th Nov 2012

    I have decided to write a review here since nobody else has. I was shopping for a (more) shallow 12" sub to fit behind the seat of my 93' chevy k2500 standard cab. Last year, I bought a Dayton audio HO dvc 12" that was 600 watts. Stupid me forgot that pole vented subs need to have a fair space left between the back of the magnet and the box. So, I got rid of that and my decision was up in the air. I had a chance to get two of the JL audio TW5s for $400 but I decided against it. I was on a particular forum and I had quite a few suggestions to get these things. Pretty much everyone said that these were the go-to guys for more shallow subs. So, I dropped around $200 on one of these shipped, built a 1.1 cu. ft. sealed box, and threw the sub in and hooked it up to a BRZ1200.1. All I can say is that any of you who are strapped for space should definately give one of these a try. I listen to everything, but I listen to a lot of hip hop. This thing does the trick (for me). It gets pretty low as well. I'm sure I could really make this thing come to life with a ported box, but I decided against it so I could retain some space. I hope this review helps anybody else who is concerned about wasting money on a sub that they don't know about. This one is definately worth a try!

Sundown Audio
Sundown Audio SD-2 12" 500 Watt SD Series
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Product Description

A shallower woofer that sounds amazing and isn't super deep as most of our drivers are big, nasty, deep woofers.


D2 Model : Fs: 36.7 Hz Re: 4.0 ohms Qms: 5.51 Qes: 0.48 Qts: 0.45 Cms: 0.10 mm/N Mms: 184 g BL: 18.7 NA Vas: 15.6 L Sens: 83.9 dB 1w/1m Le: 2.69 mH D4 Model : Fs: 39.7 Hz Re: 8.0 ohms Qms: 5.45 Qes: 0.56 Qts: 0.52 Cms: 0.09 mm/N Mms: 178 g BL: 24.7 NA Vas: 13.8 L Sens: 83.5 dB 1w/1m Le: 4.06 mH
Mounting Specifications Cut-Out Depth

Outside Diameter

SD-2 10" 9 1/4" 4.75" 10 1/2"
SD-2 12" 11 1/8" 5.25" 12 5/8"