XCON 18 Sound Solutions Audio 18" 1750W XCON Series Subwoofer

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  1. Vehicle reinforcement needed

    Posted by Chris b. on 11th Feb 2017

    Alright a little history before I get into it, im an 80s kid that's been through the great car audio boom and when companies made stuff here in the states before they sold out to China, I've been through some of the best sounding subs you could own anywhere from the infinity beta series subs to mtx black gold 15s to image dynamics q and idmax lines, at this point in life I didn't think I would hear anything that would bring me back to the good old days, well I was wrong, this sub is incredible, it's loaded in an 8cube birch box tuned to 32hz and I gotta say I was expecting loud but not expecting the quality of bass this thing spits out, besides tearing apart my 4runner I have a new sub to add to the list of the classics! Thanks for making such an awesome woofer guys and you definitely won a customer over from here on out..

  2. love it

    Posted by Sam Drake on 23rd Jan 2015

    This sub is way better than I could have expected it to be. Going from 3 12" kicker l7 to this was a definite step in the right direction. I will defiantly be getting another one in the future.

  3. "Meet the Standards"

    Posted by joseph wills on 31st Oct 2013

    I am a 34 year old soon to be former Drill Sergeant. I have loved sound systems since I was a small boy. Today I am reminded of that feeling again with the SSA Xcon. I have one 18" d2 xcon, It is in a 7.6qf enclosure tuned at around 30hz. I have pushed the Xcon hard, and it is a beast that delivers. It handles all the bass notes with precision and quality. I am happy with the performance and response of the 18" xcon, it may someday find a another setting beside it... Thanks SSA

  4. Bump in the night

    Posted by Jeromy on 29th Oct 2013

    Set up 2 18 xcons walled in a neon. Hifonics colossus ltd 3 batts. A friend and I pulled I front of our dorm building at least 30 yards out and finished up the so g we were listening to, when we got out there was 3 diferent rooms leaning out their window yelling at me lol oops. Great sq grear spl and true hard feeling bass that will destroy a car. Look for me on Instagram to see the set up! @skibiboy


    Posted by B Rad on 17th Apr 2013


  6. Awesome subwoofer!!!

    Posted by Chris Martin on 22nd Oct 2012

    This is by far the best subwoofer I have ever owned!! It gets loud when you want it to but sound so good doing it. I use mine for more of a sq set up and it sounds amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone!! I'm running it in the rec. sealed enclousure and couldn't be happier!! Great job on this one SSA!!!!!

  7. Best sub I've ever owned.

    Posted by Jesse on 25th Aug 2012

    I've had countless setups, everything from DD 8's to soundstream 15's to SEVERAL single 18" setups. This xcon is by far the best performer out of everything I've ever run. It takes abuse right out of the box and it doesn't complain one bit. It's a very excellent sounding sub that, while definitely being bottom-heavy, both in terms of frequency response and the motor itself, has no issue hitting a very wide spectrum of frequencies.

    I'm currently running my 18 in a 7 cube box tuned to 31hz with around 94 in^2 of port area. The sub is wired up to my AQ2200 @ 1 ohm. I have the amp "wide open" and I've beat on the sub for up to 20 minutes at a time and didn't even get the slightest hint of the coil heating up, so these subs are definitely a bit underrated.

    As for output, my previous setup as an AQ HDC3 18 running off my AQ2200 @ .5 ohm. Not only was it seeing more power, but the box was also tuned to 35hz so it had the potential to be louder. However, the xcon spanks the HDC3 in every possible aspect, including loudness. While I always regarded the HDC3's as subs that could only get loud...the xcon can get LOUDER, sound BETTER, and just overall better QUALITY...

    If you have been on the line about an xcon I would say just pull the trigger and go for it, because they are worth every penny!

  8. Perfect pairing of SPL and SQ

    Posted by N/A on 5th Jul 2012

    Amazing subs, extremely loud while keeping outstanding sound quality. Extremely well built and very strong, high quality parts. Excellent choice for anyone looking for not only loud subs, but subs that sound incredible!

XCON 18 Sound Solutions Audio 18" 1750W XCON Series Subwoofer
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Product Description

Introducing the XCON, the new pinnacle of sound and output.  With a brutally strong single slug motor that has a monstrously bumped back plate, the XCON really sets itself apart from the pack right away.  We started with the ideals behind the ICON and went to the ultimate degree with the XCON.  With an eye popping 31mm of excursion, the XCON uses a 3" round, 2.6" long, 4 layer Aluminum voice coil, that strong enough handle some serious levels of power, yet is light enough to still be very accurate and precise.  To keep the inductance in check, the XCON employs an Aluminum shorting ring.  For those high power installs, the XCON runs 5 spiders in total: triple 8" progressive spiders, dual NOMEX spiders and triple flat sandwiched lead wires to handle all the abuse.

For seriously high output installs and sound quality competitors alike, the XCON is at the top of the food chain.  With output that has been described as being hit by a sledgehammer and pin point accuracy, the XCON has all the bases covered.   You can be proud of your purchase, because the XCON is designed and hand crafted in the U.S.A.  The purpose of the XCON is not to match or just beat out the competition, but to make sure there never was competition to start with.  There is only one choice in the super sub woofer market and you are looking at it.


Coil(s) 3", 4 layer,Aluminum coils
Terminals Push terminals
Cone Pulp Fiber Cone
Suspension 5 progressive spiders
Shorting Ring Aluminum
Motor FEA optimized motor
Former 3" Anodized alum. former
Lead Wires Triple Sandwiched Leads
Hand Crafted in USA
Re 3.7
Fs 27.6 Hz
Qms 6.44
Qes .48
Qts .45
Mms 321 g
Vas 213 l
1210 cm^2
Bl 20.72
Spl 91.5 1W/1m
Xmax 31mm
Wattage 1750wRMS
Displacement 0.25cuft

Enclosure Recommendations

10" XCON D1/D2 12" XCON D1/D2 15" XCON D1/D2 18" XCON D1/D2
Sealed .75-1.00ft^3 .9-1.25ft^3 2.0-2.25^3 4.25-4.75ft^3
Sealed Optimal 1.0-1.25ft^3 1.35-1.5ft^3 2.75-3ft^3 5.0-5.5ft^3
Ported 1.25-1.50ft^3 @ 27-34hz 1.75-2.25ft^3 @ 27-34hz 3.0-3.25ft^3 @ 27-34hz 6.0-6.5ft^3 @ 27-34hz
Ported Optimal 1.5-1.75ft^3 @ 27-34hz 2.5-2.75ft^3 @ 27-34hz 4.0ft^3 @ 27-34hz 7.25-7.75ft^3 @ 27-34hz
Sub Outside Diameter 11.000" 12.500" 15.625" 18.500"
Cut Inside Diameter 9.250" 11.150" 14.125" 16.750"
Mounting depth 6.500" 7.250" 8.500" 10.000"

Pre-Designed Enclosures

For full size drawings and a Google SketchUp version of these enclosures please feel free to click the "DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE " link below. This is just another great resource offered by Sound Solutions Audio Inc. for our dedicated SSA customers!

To view the google sketchup file will require the installation of the software. This is available here: Google SketchUp

10" XCON D1/D2 12" XCON D1/D2 15" XCON D1/D2 18" XCON D1/D2
10" OPTIMAL PORTED 1.35 ft^3
12" OPTIMAL PORTED 2.65 ft^3
15" OPTIMAL PORTED 4.0 ft^3
18" OPTIMAL PORTED 7.65 ft^3
10" OPTIMAL SEALED .9 ft^3
12" OPTIMAL SEALED 1.45 ft^3
15" OPTIMAL SEALED 2.95 ft^3
18" OPTIMAL SEALED 5.25 ft^3
10" SMALL PORTED 1.1 ft^3
12" SMALL PORTED 2.0 ft^3

15" SMALL PORTED 3.2 ft^3

18" SMALL PORTED 6.35 ft^3
10" SMALL SEALED .7 ft^3
12" SMALL SEALED 1.15 ft^3
15" SMALL SEALED 2.15 ft^3
18" SMALL SEALED 4.5 ft^3
10" DUAL PORTED 2.63ft^3