ZCON 15 Sound Solutions Audio 15" 2250W ZCON Series Subwoofer

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  1. Solid woofer!

    Posted by Cris on 17th Apr 2017

    I swapped my Treo SSX 15 for this. Both on 2.5k watts with a ~4 cu ft. net tuned to 29hz. Doesn't have the same output (I wasn't expecting it to since the treo is a monster all out spl sub) but definitely sound a LOT better, not muddy at all like the treo. Surprisingly, I feel it gets lower than the treo in 20ish hz range. Solid subwoofer, a mix between sq and spl like the other reviews have stated. From decaf to pop to edm to deathcore this plays it all so well! Will soon buy another!

  2. Just awesome subs

    Posted by Isaac on 11th Apr 2017

    I got 2 15"zcons,running on two D.C. 2ks. These subs are incredible, so musical,they sound so good on all genres of music this sub is no one hit wonder.these subs can be for sq or spl setups, whatever you may be into. They get crazy loud and low and just sound so clean while doing so. Its like being pounded on by a heavyweight these subs are definitely heavy hitters. It's nice to have a quality sub that ain't muddy sounding. I'm very happy with these subs I want two more for my future build.

  3. Much Respect

    Posted by Phil on 23rd Jan 2017

    I am the proud owner of a single dual 1 ohm 15" ZCON! It's driven by a DD M3c at .5 ohms daily with minimal flickering from the clip/volt meter. This sub is the truth!!! I've owned them all, from Sundown, Soundqubed, DD, to the new Crescendo etc. None, I mean none compare both musically and SPL combined. This is one helluva Sub!

  4. I'm in LOVE

    Posted by SIDBxtreme on 13th Jun 2016

    I've had my 2 15" zcons for a little over a week now and I absolutely love them. although I am still breaking them in and trying to loosen the suspension up a bit, they are still very impressive all across the bandwidth. Running them on a mmats 4k (they want more power!) in a 8cuf box tuned to 34. My blazer hates me lol. SSA has amazing customer service and they answered any questions i had along the way. I will be a repeat customer and advise anyone else to hit up ssa for a very well built product and amazing service to match.

  5. The Zcon 15" woofer feels built like a god.

    Posted by Joshua on 27th Nov 2013

    The subwoofer is made so well. When I got it it felt just right. Unfortunately I have not been able to play it because it's pretty cold in wisconsin but I did get a chance to "air play it" like without a box and it looks like it will pound. Even though I did not recieve my product until almost 2 months after the purshase date, I did have somebody to non-stop talking to in the mean time. Aaron Clinton with all of my emails have me a answer to basically every question I had about the products and anything about subwoofer installs. I would rate the customer service 5 stars. I would recommend this product to a friend.

  6. gooooodd

    Posted by mad on 10th Oct 2012

    Heard theese in mike nashs ride and was very impressed. All bassheads should purchase theese beasts!!!

  7. brutal

    Posted by N/A on 6th Jul 2012

    absolutely at the top of its class! had it for a few mos., 3.85cuft aeroported 34hz on an aq2200 @1ohm(which it laughs at) and sweet jesus it gets down and does it while sounding great, decaf to metal to jazz, it just sounds awesome and when i want to bludgeon myself with bass it more than obliges. by far my favorite sub ive ever owned and there have been alot. thank you ssa!

  8. the one woofer thats right slap in the middle of sq and spl!!

    Posted by Lantz Lewis on 5th Jul 2012

    i have 1 15" zcon running 2ohms to a audioque 3500.1 and LOVE it.louder than the orionn hcca i previously owned, and the kicker solo x's. has GREAT sound quality. in my opinion, its the one woofer that has both sq and spl. i would recommend this sub to anyone wanting serious bass

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ZCON 15 Sound Solutions Audio 15" 2250W ZCON Series Subwoofer
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Product Description

A true heavy weight by all accounts, the new SSA Zcon is absolutely a beast. After 3 years of development, to answer the demand from the mega power fanatics and high output crowd, the massive SSA Zcon is finally here. Incorporating an FEA optimized motor with a spiral CNC-machined solid pole piece, the Zcon has the technology and cooling to take some serious abuse with the ability to step up the cabin pressure to brutal levels.

Bringing to market our biggest motor ever, the Zcon has the motor strength for accurate cone control showing that this is not a one note wonder. The Zcon is at home in a moderate daily driver system as it is in a mega power competition system. Five sandwiched spiders and a large 3" - 4 layer aluminum coil, means the Zcon can handle the heaviest of hands on the volume knob for years to come. Right from the start, the Zcon is already in the top offerings on the market for the high end, big output daily driver sub woofers. You can be proud to own a SSA Zcon, as with the entire SSA speaker line up, it is designed, engineered, machined and built here in the USA.


Coil(s) 3", 4 layer,Aluminum coils
Terminals Push terminals
Cone Pulp Fiber Cone
Suspension 5 progressive spiders
Motor FEA optimized motor
Former 3" Anodized alum. former
Lead Wires Triple Sandwiched Leads
Hand Crafted in USA
Fs 34.1 / 33.6
Qms 6.65 / 6.74
Qes 0.27 / 0.27
Qts 0.29 / 0.29
Mms 266 / 274
Sd 810 / 810
Vas 67 / 67
Spl 93.2 / 93
Bl 17.74 / 25.2
Xmax 29 / 29 mm
Wattage 2250wRMS
Displacement 0.22cuft

Enclosure Recommendations

12" ZCON D2/D1 15" ZCON D2/D1 18" ZCON D2/D1
Ported 1.75-2.5ft^3 @ 31-37hz 2.75-3.25ft^3 @ 31-37hz 5.75-7.0ft^3 @ 31-37hz
Ported Optimal 2.5-3.25ft^3 @ 31-37hz 4.0-5.0ft^3 @ 31-37hz 7.0-8.0ft^3 @ 31-37hz
Sub Outside Diameter 12.500" 15.625" 18.500"
Cut Inside Diameter 11.150" 14.125" 16.750"
Mounting depth 7.500" 9.750" 11.000"

Pre-Designed Enclosures

For full size drawings and a Google SketchUp version of these enclosures please feel free to click the "DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE " link below. This is just another great resource offered by Sound Solutions Audio Inc. for our dedicated SSA customers!

To view the google sketchup file will require the installation of the software. This is available here: Google SketchUp

12" ZCON D2/D1 15" ZCON D2/D1 18" ZCON D2/D1
Standard Ported [ZIP FILE] Standard Ported [ZIP FILE] Standard Ported [ZIP FILE]
Optimal Ported [ZIP FILE] Optimal Ported [ZIP FILE] Optimal Ported [ZIP FILE]
Dual Ported [ZIP FILE] Dual Ported [ZIP FILE]