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Flatlyne 12" 600W Subwoofer by Incriminator Audio®

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Flatlyne 12 Incriminator Audio 12" 600W Flatlyne Series
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A brand that wins countless SPL competitions over the years, can’t build a premier sound quality sub. Or can they? The Incriminator Audio Flatly…

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Flatlyne 12" 600W Subwoofer by Incriminator Audio®


Flatlyne 12" 600W Subwoofer by Incriminator Audio®

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A brand that wins countless SPL competitions over the years, can’t build a premier sound quality sub. Or can they? The Incriminator Audio Flatlyne is proving people wrong while making a serious name for Incriminator Audio in the Sound Quality world of car audio. A great way to do that is to pick up Sound Quality champions using the IA Flatlyne in MECA and IASCA. The first generation of the IA Flatlyne established itself in the hard-core sound quality crowd. Now, with the second generation Flatlyne, Incriminator improves on the already very successful under-hung motor design by upgrading to a light weight, Neo magnet motor for improved motor force, that now employees a full sleeve copper shorting ring. What this means is reduced driver displacement for smaller enclosure requirements as well as better cooling and lower inductance for serious precision.

The Flatlyne uses an 8-layer 3” copper coil with dual black progressive spiders and woven leads. As well as a dual layer foam surround, an outstanding injected pulp matrix fiber reinforced cone and an interlocking spider spacer assembly in addition to the Air Driven Cooling (ADC), the Flatlyne shows it can take some power and stand up to daily abuse while still sounding amazing. The Flatlyne has Incriminators new 8 spoke basket, and is available in Dual 2 ohm coils and Dual 4 ohm coils, in 12”, 15” and 18” sizes. Conservatively rated at 600 RMS, you don’t need massive power to get awesome results. This model is called the Flatlyne because of such incredibly smooth response across the range and that it is deadly accurate no matter what music you throw at it. For bass so clean it will make your heart stop, the new for 2017 Incriminator Audio Flatlyne is the choice of champions.

***Upgraded Shredder Package shown.***

Available in Dual 2 and Dual 4 standard as well a 12", 15", and 18" models.
Options Include:
  • SH - Shredder Platform Upgrade - 12" Only
  • XS – Extra Spider
  • SQ - IB Applications
  • DC – Direct Connect
  • DU – Composite Dustcap - Black, Silver, Red, or Blue


  • Upgraded Shredder Package shown - 12" Only
  • 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket
  • 3" 8 Layer Round Copper Voice Coil
  • Dual Black Progressive Spiders with Woven Tinsel Leads
  • Injected Pulp Matrix Fiber Reinforced Cone
  • Multi-Layer Foam Surround
  • 4.58" 30 Oz Neo Magnet with an Underhung Topology
  • 160 Oz / 10 Pound Motor Structure and Black Nickel Finish
  • Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly
  • CILD² - Center Interlocking Dustcap
  • ADC - Air Driven Cooling
  • Nickel Plated Push Terminals
  • Wrap Around Rubber Gasket
  • 600 Watt RMS Rated
  • DVC 2 ohm or 4 ohm


12 Inch 15 Inch 18 Inch
28 Hz 26 Hz 24 Hz
8Ω Series 8Ω Series 8Ω Series
3.88 4.58 5.56
.55 .65 .76
.43 .51 .61
224 g 296 g 330 g
0.14 mm/N 0.14 mm/N 0.14 mm/N
480 cm² 810 cm² 1210 cm²
36.9 L 118 L 188 L
83.7 dB 85.8 dB 87.7 dB
14.6 14.6 14.6
18 mm 18 mm 18 mm
Sub Diameter
12.37" 15.50" 18.50"
11.12" 14.12" 16.87"
6.60" 7.35" 8.72"
.13 Cu. Ft. .15 Cu. Ft. .18 Cu. Ft.
600 RMS 600 RMS 600 RMS
2 Reviews

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  • Built to sound great

    Posted by Joel on 20th Mar 2016

    I build subs in my spare time and i always test woofers that are unique and interesting. Needless to say this is one of them. I'll start with some of the design basics although the designs lacks a shorting right on the pole peace, the inductance and inductance shift aren't enough to affect the woofers preformance under 200hz. The motor in a 8layer copper coil a hair over 3"s in diameter. from my measurements in a 1.8cubed box tuned to 28 it shows no signs of power compression. though it is a bit peaky at the very bottome end the point was to have it blend with a very strong midrage and offer very low group delay in hte pass band as well as very low phase and impedance shifts to maximize the amps capibiltiy to properly dampen the signal. the amp used was a sound stream reference 4.920. channels 3 and 4 bridged to give it between 400 and 500 watts of above average of clean uninterupted power. even when clipped slightly it shoed no signs of power compression on music for 2-3 songs. it has excellent cool abilities and has a very linear suspension and despite is lower 1w/1m rating it has great sensivity and output as well. ive owned some of them most advanced woofers in hte world and ive designed and implemented designs into my own woofers and i can say it is a very good woofer. that parts are top notch and the design was excuted masterfully. Propers to the guys at incriminator. I dont have acess to a dumax analizer but i can tell you with over 15 years of expierence this woofer is bare none a fine woofer that really sounds excellent output i give it 4 stars sound quatitly 5 stars price 5 stars build quatily 5 stars desing implementation 5 stars

  • Excellent SQ oriented sub-woofer.

    Posted by TD76 on 6th Jul 2012

    The FlatLyne is very well built and looks great. It's very rugged and looks like it will withstand years of use. Larger and heavier than it looks in pictures. Sounds phenomenal for a SQ build with plenty of output for such. Response is very transparent and blends excellent with front sound stage. Has good extension low-end extension too.