Crescendo Audio BC2000D - 2250 watts x 1 Mono Block Bass Clef Series Amplifier

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  1. Power hungry

    Posted by Lil-Josh on 2nd Jul 2016

    I bought a bc2000d and it was doing an excellent job but one day when it was cold I had it on volume low and the red light came on so I checked it out everything seemed fine then it started smoking on me so I took it in to a place in Ottawa Ontario about an hour from me and the shop told me I popped my voltage reg and something else. Cost me 260$ but it's my fault I only had 2 average batteries holding 14.5ish volts if you have this amp get yourself some crescendo battery's or xs power you don't wanna upset this beast I really miss her right now hope she's fixed soon

  2. Outstanding amp!

    Posted by Mike Leonard on 30th Aug 2015

    I have had my eye on this amp for a long time. I finally got around to buying it, and I was more than happy to find out that it lives up to my expectations. More than enough power on tap! There is actually an amp dyno video out there with this amp putting out over 2700 rms on dynamic power. Lots of bang for the buck here!

  3. replacement and upgrade

    Posted by grumby13 on 7th May 2013

    This was a replacement of my x1200m and I have to say this a wonderful amp I had a problem with the old one which was a had RCA and horrid feedback this amp will coinside with two new Ssa icons for the finished build. This is an amazing amp and just look beautiful and works wonderful and I love the clipping indicator on the boost control. Only thing I wish is that it came with a bigger Ssa sticker

  4. Insanely great amp!!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th May 2013

    This amp is GREAT. It never gets hot ever, even when powering a sub at .5 ohms. Right now, I have it running an Fi SSD 12" wired to 2 ohms. Soon to be two SSD's wired to ohm. The terminals are nice too. They're very sturdy and have a perfectly snug fit when plugging in RCA's. The silver coating looks great! Power and speaker terminals are built to last and you will have no problem with 0 AWG. You even get two Allen Wrenches to use with the amp. The entire body of the amp is made out of either thick, brushed aluminum or steel. This thing is built to last. The remote bass knob is made entirely out of the same metal, no plastic at all. The knob itself turns very smoothly with no sticking anywhere. LED's on the remote knob are very bright. The power indicator glows with a nice blue light. The clipping indicator glows red right at the point of clipping. It's very sensitive but very accurate. You can hear the clipping right when the light turns on. Overall this is a great amp, definitely the best bang for your buck. It sounds phenomenal. It's built to last. If you're debating between this and any other amp, buy this. You won't get better for the price.

  5. Crescendo BC2k

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2012

    I absolutely love this amp, ever since i got it, the only downfall is the bass knob amp (Fine Gain control knob) goes out after a couple months, clip light is very sensative, but for people who dont know what clipping is it will help you out, for the people doubting this amp power wise i have clamped over 2400 out of it @14.6V so it does well over the rated power, soon to be strapping 2 of these.

  6. Forgot about..

    Posted by Nick on 17th Oct 2012

    Although there was quite a few delays from when I purchased the amp, over all the customer service of BOTH SSA & Crescendo was pretty awesome.

    Style: I rather like the look of their new line up, it's all preferance, but I give it 4/5 for looks.

    Output vs Price: Doubt it's putting out 2,250 @ 1ohm, but I cannot complain due to the insane price tag for what this thing does put out.

    PWK Enclosure + 2003 RE Audio XXX 12 + BC2000D + 94 DeVille + XS D3400 + 150Amp Alternator = God damn...

  7. Thanks SSA!

    Posted by Aaron Birmele on 8th Oct 2012

    Just wanted to say thanks everyone at SSA for my order of my amp. I'm very happy with it and thanks for the great customer service :)

  8. beast!!!

    Posted by dana b on 19th Jul 2012

    awesome amp, and awesome guys here at SSA. wont find a better amp for the price and quality.

  9. Solid amplifier

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2012

    Been running the Bass Clef amps since they were introduced in their first preorder. I now am running the Crescendo Audio BC2000D and it is a solid amplifier. It is being run at 1 ohm pushing 2 PSi Platform 1 12s at 148.3db door open. Great product!

  10. Man this is a beast!!!

    Posted by Dangrebel on 5th Jul 2012

    I run one of these on 2 aq hdc3's! It puts out a load of power and sounds fantastic. Never ever gets hot and it looks sexy!! I just order another one and will be running them strapped at 1.2 ohms shall be seeing 5k!!!

Product Videos

Crescendo bc2000 01:05

2k is in! Metered 142.45 on the dash. Time to build a new box. I have alot of box rise. Clamped the Amp the other day at roughly 1400 watts at 3.5 ohms. So I am seeing 2 1/2 rise. Also dd-1'd both my amps. New Demo coming soon.

  • Crescendo bc2000
    2k is in! Metered 142.45 on the dash. Time to build a new box...
  • Crescendo BC20...
    Brand New Crescendo BC2000d ! Just got it in the mail, looks a...
Crescendo Audio
Crescendo Audio BC2000D
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Product Description

Crescendo Audio BC2000D

Stable down to .5ohm on strong electrical Up to 18.5v capable on BC3500/BC5500. Up to 16.8v capable on BC2000 Remote Bass/Gain knob with Clipping Indicator. Custom tooled, proprietary Multi-piece Thermal optimized Heatsink with patent pending interlocking slide-out CNC engraved top plate. 2 stage copper anodized removable top plate. Silver plated high end hard-wired Tiffany RCA inputs and oversized 1/0 Power/Ground Inputs for efficient current transfer. Overbuilt Power supply with heavy copper traces and Military spec PCB/heavy duty standoffs for extreme vibration resistance. Manufactured using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, with many 3% tolerance components throughout. Full 4-Stage Intelligent protection Circuitry 1 Year/1ohm comprehensive warranty with 2 year/.5ohm optional extended warranty available.

Rated Power Output(RMS)

Clean RMS power on 13.8v standard electrical system:

Ohm Load








Dimensions: BC2000: 16"L x 2.75"H x 9.5"W (at widest point)