NVX X-Series 6-1/2" 2-Way Component Speaker System

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1 year manufacturer's warranty


1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Milled Pulp & Egyptian Papyrus Fiber Cone
After testing scores of different cone materials, we decided on a custom blend of finely milled pulp and Egyptian Papyrus fibers. This stiff yet lightweight material produces spectacularly accurate midbass with a rich, natural tonal quality prized by audiophiles. The smooth matte finish of the cone offers a sleek, modern accent to the interior of any car

Surround & Suspension
To achieve the most authentic and accurate sound, we engineered our midwoofer to be as responsive as possible. We utilized a special low damping rubber surround that maintained linear movement better than any other material we’ve tested. The X-Series also features a relatively soft spider to reduce unwanted mechanical stiffness.

Copper Shorting Sleeve
Perhaps the most distinguishing component of the X-Series midwoofer is the innovative copper shorting sleeve system. This technology prevents a rise in inductance caused by the movement of the driver, which has several positive impacts on the woofer’s performance:

-Improved power delivery to the voice coil
-Decreased inductive distortion
-Improved cone linearity
-Improved high-end extension
-Decreased risk of overheating

The shorting sleeve is a conductive copper sleeve placed in the air gap between the pole piece and the voice coil former to reduce inductance. Inductance can best be understood as the change in magnetic energy that occurs as the voice coil moves in and out of the air gap. In most midwoofers this energy is absorbed by the voice coil, causing impedance rise, introducing distortion and reducing the woofer’s ability to play at the top of the bass spectrum. In the X-Series midwoofers, the shorting sleeve simply absorbs changes in inductance, optimizing the sound quality, output potential and frequency response of the woofer.

So why does it work?
Improved power delivery to the voice coil
Any increase in inductance correlates to an increase in voice coil impedance, meaning increased resistance to the input power. By preventing inductance rise, we effectively increase the amount of power carried to the voice coil, increasing the output potential of the woofer with each given watt.

Decreased Inductive Distortion
When inductive energy is introduced into the motor structure, it causes the midwoofer to produce sounds and artifacts at higher frequencies. Our copper shorting sleeve absorbs these changes in inductive energy, resulting in crisp, distortion-free bass.

Improved Cone Linearity
A great deal of care was taken during the research and development process to ensure that the movement of the cone is as linear as possible. Since inductance is a change in magnetic energy, it’s easy to see how undesired inductance can alter the movement of the cone. By using our shorting sleeve, we absorb these changes in magnetic flux and prevent modulation of the cone resulting in tighter, more accurate mids.

Improved High-End Extension
The low-pass filter in a standard crossover network is basically just a coiled conductive wire with an iron core –very similar to the design of a voice coil. When the inductance of the voice coil increases, it begins to filter out notes at the top of the woofer’s frequency range. Our copper shorting sleeve eliminates these variations in inductance, allowing the woofer to play as it was intended.

Decreased Risk of Overheating
In addition to the positive impact the shorting sleeve has on the midwoofer’s sound quality, it also acts as an effective heat sink to carry heat away from the voice coil, which contributes to improved performance and durability.

It’s simple – it costs more! In addition to the additional materials, shorting sleeves also add complexity to the manufacturing process, raising the cost per woofer significantly. Our X-Series speakers have been painstakingly designed by the most experienced engineering team in the industry, and we saw no reason to sacrifice the unparalleled sound quality and performance we achieved just to save a few bucks.

Custom Low Turbulence Cast Aluminum Basket
Our custom basket offers several distinct advantages over traditional designs. We purposefully chose an exceptionally open basket to improve airflow to reduce compression of the motor structure for both improved cone control as well as reduced back-wave interference. The 3-dimensional cast design dramatically increases the strength and rigidity of the basket while simultaneously reducing resonance. We chose aluminum, the industry standard for cast speaker baskets, as it offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and is non-ferrous, thus eliminating risk of magnetic interference with the motor structure.

-6-1/2" X-Series Active Component Speaker System
-Power Handling:
-RMS: 230 watts per pair / 115 watts each

-Finely Milled Pulp and Egyptian Papyrus Fiber cone material is stiff yet lightweight
-Low Damping Rubber speaker surround maintains linear movement better than any other material
-Copper Shorting Sleeve placed in the air gap between the pole piece and the voice coil former reduces inductance
-Shorting Sleeve improves power delivery to the voice coil, decreases inductive distortion and improves cone linearity
-Low Turbulence Cast Aluminum Basket improves airflow to reduce compression of the motor structure
-Relatively soft spider to reduce unwanted mechanical stiffness
-Speaker housing designed to improve cone control and reduce back-wave interference
-3-dimensional cast design dramatically increases the strength and rigidity of the basket
-Designed to perform optimally in a real car environment
-4 ohms impedance
-Frequency response: 45-3,500 Hz
-Top-mount depth: 2-15/16"
-Sensitivity: 90dB

-29mm X-Series Car Tweeters
-Silk Dome tweeter construction offers crisply detailed highs with warm characteristic
-Dimpled tweeter dome improves the dispersion pattern for improved response
-4 ohms impedance
-High-temperature voice coil
-Robust Tweeter Chamber helps lower the resonant frequency, greatly improving imaging
-Ring Radiator design prevents the surround from decoupling at higher frequencies
-Improved clarity and fidelity at higher notes reduced strain on the surround
-Surface and Flush Mountable
-Sensitivity: 94dB
-Top-mount depth: 1"
-Frequency response: 800-22,000 Hz

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