NVX XNET2 X-Series Passive Crossover Network

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1 year manufacturer's warranty


1 year manufacturer's warranty

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The Crossover
A well-matched crossover separates a good pair of speakers from a truly spectacular component system. Rather than utilize some cookbook formula, our engineers meticulously developed a custom crossover network that beautifully complements the natural roll-off of the tweeter and midwoofer. We used only the finest components in the construction of the crossover to ensure the purest high-fidelity audio playback possible. Mylar and polyester capacitors with tight tolerances of ±5% or less were utilized to ensure that each set of speakers embodies the spectacular sound and reliable performance of the NVX X-Series.

Optimized For In-Vehicle Use
The X-Series are car speakers, so it only seemed logical to design them to perform optimally in a real car environment. Other manufacturers perform all their measuring and metering with the speakers mounted to a flat baffle board on a test bench. While these speakers may sound great on a showroom floor, they are virtually incapable of producing that same quality in your car

To attain the ultimate performance, we averaged the response from eight different positions within the car. First we measured the response from the driver side tweeter at both of the driver’s ears, then at each of the passenger’s ears. We took the same measurements with the tweeter located on the passenger side, and then repeated the entire process for the midwoofer. Our engineers took this raw response data, along with the 3-dimensional locations of the speakers in the vehicle, and used advanced computer modeling to achieve harmonious sound from the entire component system.

Off-Axis Tweeter Boost
Compensating for a less-than-ideal tweeter position is one of the most common and difficult challenges facing an installer. When a tweeter is positioned off-axis, the listener will experience the most attenuation (quieting) at the highest frequencies. Many tweeters on the market give you the ability to boost output of the entire tweeter by up to 6 dB to help compensate for this loss. However, since there is virtually no loss at the lower frequencies close to the crossover point, this boost results in harsh and unbalanced highs.

NVX is different because our tweeter boost follows a slope which adds 6dB up at 20kHz, 3dB at 10kHz, and offers no boost at 6kHz, where the frequency is too low to experience severe off-axis attenuation. This boost makes for smoother and more even high notes, allowing you to enjoy an ideal stereo image from a less-than ideal location.

Low Crossover Point
Our crossover point is particularly low at 1500Hz. While this is too low for most tweeters to operate safely, our tweeter has an extremely low resonance frequency, and we achieved optimal performance by adding an additional 6dB of electrical attenuation to our tweeter. This low crossover point helps raise the soundstage for a more natural stereo image, while also reducing potential phase anomalies caused by the distance between the tweeter and midwoofer.

Bi-Amplification Enabled Design
Some audiophiles prefer an extra level of control to mold the sound to their taste. The low-pass and high-pass filters on our crossover are completely isolated, enabling you to amplify the tweeters and midwoofers separately while minimizing the risk of both harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Our crossover is exceptionally optimized for both the drivers and the automotive environment, and we are confident that the results from passive bi-amplification of the X-Series are superior to any active setup.

Unique Protection Technologies
Through innovative engineering, we were able to integrate several unique technologies which offer an unparalleled level of protection for any tweeter, midwoofer and even amplifier attached. Our engineers adapted techniques used in professional and home audio to design the world’s premier car audio crossover.

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