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  1. W/O a doubt, Best Budget Woofer produced! Keep in mind, You'll need to spend at least 2 or 3 times what you paid for your SUB, on your Amp!

    Posted by Tyler Barton on 5th Jan 2018

    This Sub, HDS3 Dual2ohm 15", is a beast to say the least! & That's speaking conservatively as possible. I gotta say this is hard to put the right label on. Is it a budget woofer? Absolutly! But just by making that statement about this Speaker will likely cause some to think it's like a powerful DUAL or PYLE brand Subwoofer....PLZ TRUST ME, when I say this Subwoofer paired w/the correct Amplifier will cause cracks in your neighboors foundation so be careful when arriving home.... turn your vol. Down some unless you enjoy paying for your neighbors new windows & occasionally having to resurface they're cracked up driveway as well! This sub blew my mind before even hearing it, the second I saw it in person & witnessed how large, sturdy, & tough & beautiful it was built I knew my Lincoln Town Car trunk was destined for bass greatness!:)
    A few F.Y.I's & info bout this sub, the SoundQubed Company along w/how great SSA were to work with!
    1st, this subs rated at 2400MAX/1200RMS. well after 20+ yrs of tinkerin round in this industry as a dedicated hobbiest. Dealing w/mainly mainstream brands like RF/Alpine/JBL/JL. I've come accustomed to just automatically assuming that a subs RMS rating is overrated anywhere from 50 to 100RMS just as a safe rule of thumb so a sub doesn't get blown. Well I purchased an ORION 5000W Cobalt 2500.1D that was rated at 1250 RMS wired to 1 OHM. Well its wired to 1 OHM & this sub (although it's already so loud my rear view mirror needs realighed every other song) this sub is just laughing at me as if it's saying, "are you screwin w/me!? When are you going to give me some actual power!?" I recently watched a YOUTUBE vid of a bench test on my exact AMP & It was only able to push 870@ 1ohm so It was the most overrated item of all my system components. So I'm considering upgrading to a PPI ICE 5000 they seem to have a great reputation for close to near perfect power ratings & performance. I'll update you when I break this beast in & when I get an AMP that gives me the ability to really test it's limits! Now I'm not a subwoofer ratings expert by no means. but in my honest opinion, with as little MOVEMENT as my almost 900RMS Orion makes it produce, I would almost bet my last dollar that it could handle every bit of 1400-1500RMS without breaking too much of a sweat. But until I get my larger Amp it's just my theory at the moment.
    #2, As I mentioned earlier I've mainly grown through the audio industry knowing & using name brand items...& Honestly through all my different subs/Subwoofer Companies I've delt with I've always had to figure out the best specs regarding the best cubic feet of a box for a certain Subwoofer & build it just off that 1 piece of information.... the optimal cubic feet that they would recommend to me. Well if you are a DIY person as I am, go to the SoundQubed website & you can find actual free, & easy to follow Blueprints for each sub they sell so your build time will almost be cut in half as mine was this time.
    & Finally- dealing w/SSA has truly been my greatest experience w/online shopping as well as with my experience w/a companies customer service they emailed me back & answered any question I came up with
    Thanks SSA & THANKS to SoundQubed
    It's very appreciated!

  2. Can't do much better for the price

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2017

    I've had the hds3 v1's for awhile. After putting 2 on a 5k, they did a 150, also hair tricked at 20hz. Very impressive for the money. Aslong as you don't run them on dirty power then complain when you wrecked them, you'll be fine.

  3. Not bad

    Posted by Basshead_dad on 14th Jun 2017

    Decent budget woofer , can get decently loud with the right box , in my opinion there are better options for the money like the American bass xfl

  4. Inexpensive and Quality

    Posted by Stephen Gross on 8th Jun 2017

    Built an 8 ft^3 box per the specs from soundqubed and it worked like a champ. I have 2 15s wired in series for break in on a T1500. Set it for 1000 RMS with a multimeter, the subs barely move, and they already get down. I was hesitant about a $185 15" subwoofer, but I can say that most people will enjoy these subwoofers. By far the best within their price range.

  5. Small enclosure Overpower

    Posted by BobsyouUncle on 7th Jul 2015

    I built a 2.7cuft per sub box tuned to 32hz on 1500wrms each. Absolutely floored by the dynamic output of these puppies. These will put a hurt on you even if not in an "optimally sized" enclosure. 3 months daily pounding and the coils are still nice and shiny. The spiders are just now starting to loosen up. Absolutely bananas performance for the money.

  6. Awesome Sub!!!

    Posted by Fernando A. on 6th Apr 2015

    I have 2 dual 2ohm 15s in a ported box tuned to about 35hz wired down to .5ohm on a dsc2000.1d and they sound awesome. Would deffinately recommend this sub to anyone who wants a great sub at great price.

  7. Great 15 inch sub

    Posted by Cornelius J on 7th Dec 2014

    I have it in a ported single 15 qbomb pro box in my impala. It replaced two twelves with ease.. I even had to get sound deadener to place in the trunk.. I love it I will be buying another for a dual 15 setup.

  8. hds315

    Posted by dakota on 25th Aug 2014

    Would have given 5 stars even after waiting 2 months on it if there wasn't a dent in the cone by the surround other than that it's an amazing subwoofer you should reinforce your packing box

  9. Soundqubed hds315 are the beast!

    Posted by Jose on 16th May 2014

    This was my first time buying a 1200w rms subwoofer, really nice sub. Before I bought it I had a 300w rms 10 inch subwoofer. Now people can hear me from a block or two with just a single 15 inch sub on a 4 cubic ft enclosure tuned @ 32hz. This beast can pound on around 900 watts of power. I would recommend this subwoofer to every basshead as long as the price doesn't rise. I gived it 4 stars because the surround stitching was a little bad.

HDS315 D2
40.00 LBS
Calculated at checkout
Estimated build time of 5-7 business days.

Product Description

The Heavy Duty Street Series 300 are 3.0" coil woofers boasting a power handling of 1200W RMS and peak power of 2400W.

Built with the best parts attainable on the market we give you the NEW HDS Series.The HDS3 Series is one of the best values in the SQ subwoofer lineup. These subs are truly designed for heavy duty street bass. Every design feature was tweaked to give you the ultimate high efficiency/ high output subwoofer.

  • Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap.
  • 3.0" diameter four-layer copper coil.
  • Heavy Duty push connectors for ease of install. (Accepts up to 10awg speaker wire)
  • Cast, Steel Frame.
  • Black electroplated top and bottom plates for additional  cooling.
  • Non-pressed cone for maximum rigidity.
  • High excursion foam surround.
  • Power Handling 1200W RMS, 2400W Peak