SSA Evil1 1" Silk Dome Tweeters (Pair)

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Product Reviews

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  1. Lives up to the hype

    Posted by ThirtyHz on 26th Feb 2018

    At first, I was left speechless... Then as I collected myself, I finally was able to explain how incredible these tweeters are.
    First of all, I'm coming from some off the shelf mainstream tweeters that came as a basic Polk audio component set. The best way I can explain the difference is: the other tweets were like jamming a set of earbuds in at max volume. These... These are like listening to a piano on stage within an acoustically tuned auditorium...except loud, very loud, yet it has this light, detailed airyness to the sound. Just very spacious sounding. No fatigue. I can best compare these to the Dayton Audio silkies in the towers of my home HiFi setup but with a bunch more volume potential. The Evil tweets are super smooth, rich sounding and accurate...but still at home in an extremely high output setup.
    No metal tray holding a pound of nails falling on a floor sound out of these, nope, nothing but high fidelity. Go buy these for your mom, your dad, brother, sister... Anybody. Because chances are, they'll thank you. 5 stars SSA, yall knocked it out of the park with these bad mofo's. I would have paid double for the quality and customer service like this.

  2. Worth the price!

    Posted by Josh P on 3rd Jan 2018

    If you want a no-fuss tweeter that is going to do exactly what a tweeter is supposed to do, you have found the right tweeters. Seriously, no drama, no hot-tempered screamin' midrange response, no crash-cymbals-sound-like-dropping-a-tray-of-silverware-on-a-tile-floor breakup, just silky smooth response all up and down the high-end spectrum. These sound fantastic with every kind of music I've thrown at them and, most importantly, are smooth to the point where I have yet to experience any listener fatigue with them.

    The only downside I've found with these is that the solid design of these really limits the mounting options. I ended up fabricating some tweeter pods out of some 1.5 inch PVC pipe endcaps from Lowes (had to grind out some of the inner material on the pipe cap so they'd fit) and some hammered metal paint. They turned out pretty nice and allow me to point the tweeters at my ears. I'm not knocking any points off for this though as it's clear in the pictures what the tweeter's mounting options are.

    Point is, these tweeters are worth it. If you're ready to get them, then don't hesitate.

  3. Sounds amazing

    Posted by Ken on 14th Dec 2017

    I now have 4 pairs of these tweeters to pair with the 4 pairs of evil 6.5's. The sound is clear even at high volumes. BELIEVE in the reviews, you can't lose.

  4. Emotion envoking sound quality!

    Posted by Jroad on 3rd Nov 2017

    I have a week of ear play with the Evil tweeters installed and it's been stellar!! First played some Juice Newton, as her voice is angelic. Then Eagles Hotel California, again amazing reproduction. Then listened to the Darkside of the Moon album and the detail was immaculate! Beyond that I have not been able to stop listening to jazz on them. Very open sounding, crystal-clear, no airiness and non fatiguing to the ears!!!!!!

  5. Rock solid perfection

    Posted by Jay-C76 on 3rd Aug 2017

    I am super impressed with the crystal clear pin drop clarity from these tweets. Even on 22rms from a head unit they really fill the high end paired with the evil 6.5's. The guy I installed these for, his exact expression was "holy sh*t those sound f'n amazing. I'm glad you talked me into getting these!"

    I smiled and said "Told you, they don't make crap, they really pay attention to design."

    Once you unbox them and hold one you can tell these aren't your standard cheaply made tweeter. No plastic p.o.s. parts on these brutes!

  6. Very good response

    Posted by David L on 14th Jul 2017

    I have had Hertz hi energy, CDT ES-010 and Image Dynamics x28 tweeters and these work very well. Brings up 20K no issues and can tune to be flat very easily unlike the others. So far my impressions are this is what most people want in a tweeter when they buy it. I have had mine installed less then 24 hours so it is hard to give a high end audiophile stamp but I would easily say they are at least audiophile grade with the ability to jam.

Warranty Information

1 year warranty from defects or blemishes

3.00 LBS
Calculated at checkout
Ships within 1 business day.

Product Description

Our first dedicated tweeter is here, the SSA Evil1. Developed from the start, alongside the SSA Evil6.5’s, the all-new SSA Evil1 is meant for the discerning music fan that really cares about the quality of the music they are listening to. With a large silk dome and low Fs. the SSA Evil1 is very smooth and blends very well with the mid and mid-bass range. Using a sound transparent grill, you can be confident in the fact the tweeter will be safe for many years of excellent performance. Designed to be flexible for not only high-end car audio front stages, but premium bookshelf’s, and high-end home audio towers. In designing the SSA Evil1 we were able to pull off a large 28mm dome in a compact aluminum housing. If you are looking for shrill, piercing, PA-style high’s, this is not the tweeter for you. If you are looking for clarity and balance, at a reasonable price, don’t sleep on the new SSA Evil1.

SSA Evil1 Tweeter features:

  • Sold in a matched pair
  • 65 watts rms
  • 28mm silk dome with large roll surround
  • Aluminum faceplate and housing
  • Sound Transparent protective grill
  • Low Fs. for flexibility in both home and car audio applications
  • Neo Motor with shallow rear non-resonant aluminum chamber
  • SSA logo on mounting flange
  • 65 watts RMS with supplied cap
  • Designed and engineered in the USA

SSA Evil1 T/S Specs:

SSA Evil1 4ohm:

  • Re: 3.6 ohms
  • Fs.: 736.4 hz
  • Qms.: 0.635
  • Qes.: 1.05
  • Qts.: 0.39
  • SPL 1w/1m: 93

SSA Evil1 8ohm:

  • Re: 6.2 ohms
  • Fs.: 838.1 hz
  • Qms.: 0.589
  • Qes.: 1.62
  • Qts.: 0.43
  • SPL 1w/1m: 95

SSA Evil1 Tweeter installation:
  • 21.5mm Mounting depth
  • 48.5mm cut out
  • 1 lbs. each
  • 61.9 mm (2.44") diameter flange