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Synergy Audio PAF-658 6.5" Pro Audio Mid Bass 8 Ohm

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Synergy Audio PAF-658
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Synergy Audio is proud to introduce our first “Made in USA” 6.5” pro audio style mid driver. This driver is manufactured utilizing d…

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Synergy Audio PAF-658 6.5" Pro Audio Mid Bass 8 Ohm

Now: $79.99
Was: $99.99
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Synergy Audio is proud to introduce our first “Made in USA” 6.5” pro audio style mid driver. This driver is manufactured utilizing domestically sourced ferrite and steel for the motor and basket then machined and pressed for production. The cone, surround, spider, and tinsel leads are all manufactured in the heartland of the Midwestern USA.

The USA made 1.5” copper voice is wound on a high temp, lightweight Kapton voice coil former. We utilized a 5” diameter poly cotton cup spider. The water resistant paper cone is attached to a durable treated multi roll cloth surround.

We’ve added a solid machined aluminum phase plug to aid in high frequency response.

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms this driver offers installation flexibility when installing multiple drivers. You can wire up as many drivers as needed to match the output of your amplifier’s recommended load capability. Overall this driver is solid performer with only 2.25” mounting depth, 200 watts, 97db sensitivity and with a useable frequency response of 98 Hz-6000 Hz. This driver is at home as either a dedicated midrange or mid bass.

  • Diameter size in inches: 6.5"
  • Diameter size in centimeters: 16.5
  • Z - Nominal Impedance in Ohms: 6.5
  • Fs = Free air resonance frequency in Hz: 98.25
  • Qts = Total Q Factor of driver: 0.477
  • Vas = Equivalent acoustic volume in cubic feet: 0.692
  • Vas = Equivalent acoustic volume in liters: 19.59
  • Xmax= Max Travel in Inches: 0.02
  • Xmax= Max travel in MM: 0.59
  • Pe = Max power in watts: 200
  • SPL=The half-space ref. Efficiency: 97.42
  • Voice Coil Diameter in inches: 1.5"
  • Mounting Depth in inches: 2.25
  • Sd = Piston Area in sq. m: 165.10
  • BL = T*M Flux Density, Length Product: 8.84
  • no = The half-space ref. efficiency: 3.40%
  • Cms = Mechanical suspension compliance: 0.30
  • Mms = Mech. mass of cone & free air load: 8.62
  • Qms = Mechanical Q factor of driver: 5.628
  • Qes = Electrical Q factor of driver: 0.521
  • Revc = DC Voice coil resistance in Ohms: 7.6
  • Zmax = imped. At top of resonance curve in Ohms: 90.21
  • Frequency response: 98hz - 6khz
  • Magnet Assembly Weight (oz): 58
2 Reviews

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  • Excellent

    Posted by Shawn Corson on 5th Oct 2015

    After running the Synergy Audio 15.1D, I was excited to see they released a 6.5" pro audio style mid. So I decided to upgrade my front speakers in my 2002 Chevy Blazer Extreme. First thing you will notice about these speakers is the quality of materials used. These speakers are definitely heavy duty and built like a tank. It’s nice to see quality American craftsmanship in a loudspeaker again. This is not your average lightweight overseas mass built speaker. The sound quality is just as impressive as the build quality. All I can say is the output is very present and detailed. Not over bearing like some pro audio speakers can be. The mid bass is extremely robust for such a small diameter and shallow depth driver. I was a bit apprehensive at the 8 ohm impedance. I was following the old cliché that 8 ohm speakers are not as loud as 4 ohm. Well that is far from the truth, these speakers are efficient and outperformed my old 6.5” 4 ohm speakers from a reputable company. Overall these speakers excelled at all the musical choices I threw at them, Rock, Country, Metal, Hip Hop and everything else. I give these speakers an A+. Synergy Audio definitely did their homework on this series of speakers. I highly recommend these to anybody looking to upgrade or try something from a new company.


    Posted by Cory Schaffer on 15th Nov 2015

    I was in the search of new speakers when I was at a competition and blew everything. Luckily I had the chance to chat the the guys from synergy at show and test these bad boys out. The sound quality is beyond amazing! You can clearly hear everything and these things are built tough! I also love how they are a American made product and it shows in its performance! I highly recommend going with these not only due to quality but also for the great customer service that synergy offers!