Second Skin Audio

Why Second Skin Audio?

There are many choices when it comes to automotive noise and heat control, so why chose Second Skin Audio? For starters, all Second Skin products are designed to be used in automobiles. We do not sell products that are designed to be used in another industry. Because of this our quality control is centered on our customers; the aftermarket auto and audio enthusiast.

Do some looking around and you will quickly find that Second Skin does not sell the cheapest materials on the market. Their products are more expensive than some of our competitors because we use high quality raw goods specifically formulated for cars. They refuse to cut corners and they refuse to settle.

Many of Second Skin Audio's internet based competitors try to pass of similar looking commercial roofing products off as vibration dampers. Though these roofing product may be less expensive they are also of a much lesser quality and often take 2 or 3 times the amount to achieve similar performance as Second Skin does.

Take for example their butyl vibration mat Damplifier. Because this product is designed for automotive applications, the butyl is formulated to have a specific gravity, viscosity and adhesion strength that excel at reducing the most common automotive frequencies associated with road noise, engine noise and exhaust noise. Roofing products can not make this claim.

Compare them to some of their higher quality competitors and you will find that not only are our prices are very competitive but our products are superior and customer service top notch.