Orion Cobalt Amplifiers

The new Cobalt amplifiers are coming to change the complete vision of the car audio market. They offer more power, more quality and a much better price than any of their close competitors. Come and enjoy the Cobalt Series that Orion Car Audio has created for you. Orion Cobalt is presenting its new look and extended 16 line amplifiers which includes: three (2) channels, two mono-channel Class AB, four amplifiers of (4) channels, two of (5) channels amplifiers and five Class D amplifiers for subwoofers. ORION COBALT AMPLIFIERS This new line will cover not only a wide variety but also the satisfaction of everyone; from the end consumer to our dealers and distributors. The new Cobalt amplifiers handle power ratings starting from the 300 watts up to a very powerful Class D for woofers capable to handle 5000 watts @ 1 ohm. Quality, power and pricing have been all put together to create the most efficient amplifier dollar per watt that the industry has ever seen, showing the power that has always characterized and defined Orion Car Audio.