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Crescendo Audio

Crescendo Audio CONTRALTO 18" Subwoofer - 2500w RMS

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Well over one year of development and prototyping has driven the production of the new Crescendo Subwoofers. Designed with the basshead in mind, these…

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Crescendo Audio CONTRALTO 18" Subwoofer - 2500w RMS

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Well over one year of development and prototyping has driven the production of the new Crescendo Subwoofers. Designed with the basshead in mind, these subwoofers are destined to become one of the top ground pounding subwoofers available.

The Contralto series is our uncompromising competition certified model, available in 10”/12”/15”/18”

An extremely strong triple stack motor with a solid 1 piece T-Yoke with extended pole propels the Contralto’s 8 layer 3” flatwound coil mated to the lightweight black anodized aluminum former optimized for heat dissipation, with all sizes sporting multiple Nomex spiders for long lasting suspension and precise performance. Power is transferred to the coils with low resistance double stitched tinsel leads, through oversized push terminals, ready for multiple runs of 8awg/10awg in and out. A vented rear pole along with under spider freeflow venting aids in extensive heat dissipation performance.

Up front, a rigid yet lightweight carbon fiberglass/pulp bonded cone pumps out the bass in conjunction with the tall, custom designed treated foam surround stitched for added durability in extreme applications.

Keeping it all in one piece is the custom finished cast aluminum basket, designed for high levels of clearance, airflow and strong enough for any competitor to not have to worry about cracked spokes even with such a heavy duty motor as the Contralto series sports.

The Contralto series is rated at 2500w RMS, with exception of the 10” (1800w RMS, 2.5” coil 8layer)

C18 D1
C18 D2
C18 D4
FS (Hz) 22.5hz 21.2hz 22.1hz
Qes 0.35 0.34 0.37
Qms 5.01 5.44 4.99
Qts 0.33 0.32 0.34
Vas 270.9L 306.1L 287.5L
BL (NA) 17.3 n/A 24.0 n/A 31.7 n/A
Efficiency 91.3db 91.2db 91.1db
X-Max 26mm 26mm 26mm

Mounting Dimensions (inch)
Hole Cut-Out
9 5/16"
11 1/8"
13 3/4"
16 13/16"
Overall Diameter
10 15/16"
12 15/16"
15 3/4"
18 1/2"
Mounting Depth
8 7/8"
9 5/8"
10 1/4"
11 13/16"
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  • JaW Dropper

    Posted by R.A.J. & A.N.J.3030 on 2nd Jan 2017

    Finally finished my install bk in July,,had a Professionally built Ported Box mde for these Monsters,8 cu./ft per sub,which the box does nt hve the center seperating the subs, and it has 1 massive square port tuned down to 30Hz ,,n all i can say is it moves everything! ,im powering 2 of these wit 2 5,000 watt mono amps tht are Strapped together,, and everybdy tht hears or sees these subs cant do anything but let their jaw hang open cuz they are strait up a beast,like i said in my post months ago i got thm in a pretty gud size van a 2000 Chevy Express High Top ,which i also am running 2 15inch Kicker Solo Baric L7's ,but these Crescendo 18's way outground the L7s ,barely cn tell the L7s are goin cuz these things are so extremly loud ,,but i wish they would allow us to put pics of our setups on here,id love to show others to maybe inspire ppl n it mite also help wit other ppl 2 figure out hw they can do theirs,,I GIVE THESE CRESCENDO CONTRALTO'S 5 STARS ALL THE WAY !!! WAAY WORTH THE $$ ,ME N MY WIFE ARE 110% SATISFIED

  • Insanly Heavy & Beautiful

    Posted by R.A.J. & A.N.J.3030 on 2nd May 2016

    I jus bought 2 of these awesome monsters, and they came pretty quick,great company n will B buying from then again n again,haven't got them put in yet, just ordered 2 5,000 watt Planet Audio Mono amps to data link together to push these sexy bruisers,they are truly heavy 75lbs each,n getting a 8 cu/ft per side ported box made for them,can't wait,I've owned and seen n been around a bunch of different subwoofers and these by far have a magnet size unlike no other,they are beyond huge I couldn't believe my eyes,right now I'm running 2 12 inch Kicker Comp VR'S n a ported box n 2 15 inch Kicker Solo Baric L7's n a 4 cu/ft box,I'm giving my wife the 12's n putting these crazy huge 18's wit the 15's,after I remove the back seat in our 2000 Chevy Express High Top van, it already beats crazy hard but I know these will rule anything else around, n I've also upgraded my alternator frm the stock 110 amp to a 300 amp n dun the Big 3 upgrade, but if your looking for a sub that looks way better n built with true quality look no further,I'll post an update after I get them installed,, and all I can say is I'm truly satisfied wit them n the pictures of this sub doesn't do them justice, they're very very impressive in person, everybody who's seen mine drops their jaw

  • beautiful sub

    Posted by bones281 on 29th Mar 2016

    Just got the 18 to day and it is absolutely beautiful heavy as hell to almost done with the box and I'm soooooo ready to hear this monster bang