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Crescendo PWX series speakers were created to deliver a near perfect balance of efficiency/SPL and clarity. The goal was simple, design a platform cap…

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Crescendo PWX series speakers were created to deliver a near perfect balance of efficiency/SPL and clarity. The goal was simple, design a platform capable of being extremely loud all while obtaining the ability to stay sounding clear. No compromise was made in terms of the quality of parts used. The sum of those parts, such as the extremely stiff woven composite fiberglass cones, Y35 grade large motor structures, durable Powdercoated cast aluminum frame, linear Nomex spiders, lightweight Ultra Pure Copper voice coils, forced rear pole vent cooling and treated progressive double roll surrounds yielded the stellar results we were after. Even when really turned up with hundreds of watts, the PWX series exhibits minimal vocal range breakup and extremely smooth and natural response, which is very hard to come by in such a speaker that is able to properly keep up with even 160db of bass, or over long distances.

Wide range frequency response with very strong midbass extension has quickly contributed to popularity of PWX speakers. One other aspect that is overlooked by many pro audio speakers is durability, and the PWX is an exception to that. We certify PWX speakers for not only car use, but Marine use as well, as the rigid fiberglass cone, surround and even the surround gasket has been designed to be UV resistant and weather proof. Our PWX speakers and FT1 supertweeters are designed to be paired up perfectly to complete the full range. Available in 6.5", 8" and 10" sizes, the PWX series has a solution for every enthusiast aspiring to have a strong soundstage in their car, home, or boat.

  • Available in both 4 and 8 ohm
  • Rated 150w RMS
  • Overall Diameter: 6 7/8”
  • Mounting Depth: 3 1/8”
  • Hole Cutout: 6”
  • Flange Width: 7/16”
  • Flushmount Trim Height: 3/8”
8 Reviews

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  • Steal for the $$

    Posted by Cj Johnson on 21st Jun 2021

    this speaker can perform well under intense amounts of power and still stay crystal clear. This speaker is built to last for a long time and to not deteriorate, while it has a weatherproof cap so you don’t have to worry about rain or sleet or anything running to the speakers cones and damaging them as long as you have the magnet hid away. Crescendo audio for the win. Quality for the $

  • Amazing loud

    Posted by Jose M on 15th Jun 2016

    I bought 2 6s a few weeks ago and i like them so i came back and got me 2 more 6s and one 8" they're just incledible loud And clear and great prices.

  • Sound Great!!!

    Posted by Jeff A. on 8th Sep 2015

    WHAAAAATTTTT, can't hear you over the music..... These speakers are loud and clear. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Great Speakers.

    Posted by Angelo. C. on 2nd Apr 2014

    I doubted that a $40 speaker would sound well.I always looked down on Pro Audio when it came to cars. They always seemed to give off that annoying PA horn sound. These Have totally changed my mind. Went from Polk Momo's to these and could not be happier. Took a little longer to eq but once it was set, there was no going back. The sensitivity on these are wonderful. Had them on a 50 watts and they sounded wonderful. put 150 watts on them and had to back away. Very loud and clear. I can't wait for the 4 ohm versions to get back in stock so i can purchase more. Only thing is the small speaker terminals so be prepared. Besides that, a great speaker for a perfect price.

  • Don't look anywhere else

    Posted by Matthew Esser on 4th Feb 2014

    These bayboys get so nasty loud, while maintaining crystal clear sound!! Will be purchasing some for the house as well

  • BEAST!!

    Posted by Michael on 16th Jun 2013

    Way louder and cleaner then My fosgate t1s I had! Got em running on a Jl xd400/4! Sound is Clean! Gonna Buy a few more soon!

  • only 30 bucks????

    Posted by norcal colby on 31st May 2013

    Great response and power for a driver that is so inexpensive. I have these speakers on my "test bench" right now and they are banging away no problem and sound amazing with our without filters. Very efficient!

  • No idea why I didn't start using these earlier....

    Posted by Beau from Btown on 23rd Dec 2012

    I have been an audiophile since the mid nineties and have been through the various levels of commitment. I came back to my old hobby and after doing many builds as favors to friends the people that i get just from word of mouth has become a gig in itself. I use these when people toss me money and say, "build me what you would want!" If you have the room and aren't a brand whore (cough* rf jl cough*) They are very clean, very loud, and fairly priced. They are heavy and have mounting depth issues in some vehicles but well worth the extra fabrication. Buying an amp for these is a must, but hey even with an amp they would be about the same price as an off shelf competitor.