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Unveiling the pinnacle of car audio power technology - introducing the Stealth Energy battery by American Bass USA. Designed for those who refuse to c…

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Unveiling the pinnacle of car audio power technology - introducing the Stealth Energy battery by American Bass USA. Designed for those who refuse to compromise, this lithium titanate powerhouse offers unbeatable performance, ensuring your beats never miss a pulse. Dive into a world where power, longevity, and supreme audio coexist.

Key Features:

High Performance: With a nominal voltage of 13.8V and a robust nominal capacity of 40Ah, this battery is tailor-made to meet the demanding needs of advanced car audio systems.

Premium Cells: Incorporating LTO Cylindrical cells (66160) that each have a 2.3V, 40AH capacity, reliability and endurance are guaranteed.

Massive Current Capability: Designed for the most rigorous audio demands, it offers a continuous discharge current of 400A (10C), and can handle peak currents of up to 800A (20C).

Intelligent Voltage Management: Ensuring a long life and consistent performance, the discharge cuts off at 9V (1.5V per cell), while charging is halted at 16.8V (2.8V per cell). The in-built balancing starts at 2.7V per cell, adjustable between 2.5V to 2.8V.

Durable and Compact Design: Weighing in at approximately 15.6 kg, its compact dimensions of 14.2'' (L) x 10.1'' (W) x 9.3'' (H) (or 360mm x 255mm x 235mm) ensures it fits seamlessly into your car's setup.

Sturdy Connectors: Featuring a pair of 3-hole aluminum blocks, you're ensured of a safe and reliable connection.

Resilient to Extremes: Whether you're in icy chills or scorching heats, this battery keeps pumping. With an operating temperature ranging from 0°C to 45°C while charging and -20°C to 55°C when discharging, it's built to endure.

Long-term Storage Solutions: For those times when you need to store it away, it's recommended to keep it at 20 ± 5°C for optimal longevity.

Impressive Life Cycle: Tested to international IEC standards, expect over 20,000 life cycles with 80% of its initial capacity at a 1C rate. That's durability you can trust.


Nominal Voltage: 13.8V

Nominal Capacity: 40Ah

Cell inside: LTO Cylindrical cell 66160 2.3V 40AH

Configuration: 6S1P

Continuous Discharge Current: 400A (10C)

Peak Discharge Current: 800A (20C)

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 9V (1.5V per cell)

Charge Cut-off Voltage: 16.8V (2.8V per cell)

Balancing Start Voltage: 2.7V per cell (adjustable between 2.5V ~2.8V)

Battery Net Weight: 15.6 Kg (approx.) (34Lbs)

Battery Dimension 14.2'' (L) *10.1''(W)*9.3'' (H) (360(L)*255(W)*235 (H) mm)

Connector Pair of 3-hole aluminum blocks

Operating temperature

Charging: 0°C ~ 45°C

Discharging: -20°C ~ 55°C

Storage temperature: Recommended to store 20 ± 5°C for long term storage Life Cycle >20000 times (80% of initial capacity at 1C rate, IEC Standard)

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