Orion XTR Amplifiers

The new amplifier line offers more models than before to adjust to the requirements of the installer. Now with (4) 2 channels amplifiers, (5) 4 channels amplifiers and (4) mono channel for subwoofer this lineup will allow you to enjoy the music power in your car. The XTR series innovates by offering the best power in their Class D mono subwoofer amplifier series which is calculated at only 12.6 Volt. This indicates that the amplifiers contain a very wide and real power together with a high efficiency and quality sound. The (4) channels and (2) channels amplifiers of higher power were modified by incorporating a system in the high pass cut, that allows to multiply by 10 its frequency and elevate it up to 15 KHZ. Enjoy the power and quality that Orion XTR offers you in its new line